Kabuto-Mushi Race

Call it “Kabuto-Mushi Race” or “Beetle Race” its up to you. I think “Kabuto-Mushi Race ” sounds funnier. Here’s how to play. Set up: Prepare 2-3 Kabuto-mushi cards, laminate and attach magnets. Draw on the blackboard 5-6 rows by 4 columns of random numbers 1-6. You will also need a foam die and some music. How to play: Two or three teams are formed. Students pass the foam die around while music is playing. When music stops, the student holding the die must answer a question, identify a flashcard etc. Then the student rolls the die. If they roll a number on the next level, they can move up. A Kabuto -mushi can not move up if another Kabuto-mushi is on that space. Play continues until one team makes it to the top.


2 Responses

  1. Hey, after reading several of your game ideas, I have next week’s lessons off to a great start! I love the Kabuto mushi game! I will play it as you have it, and also, since we’re studying phonics, I will substitute letters for the numbers and have the Ss pick an alphabet card to see where they can move! Woo hoo! Thanks! Oh, where did you get those lovely kabuto mushi pictures?

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