Misson Excitement!

Level 1:  Drill some flashcards. Make sure all your students can say the vocabulary.

Level 2:  Pass Relay Game: Students pass the flashcards to each other. Each student must say the flashcard before passing to the next student. The last person passes the flashcards to the teacher.

Level 3:  Have the students play the Pass Relay Game again. This time use a timer to see how long it takes. Then set the timer and do it again. Students try to beat their own time. The students can also compete with the times of other classes. This really motivates them!

Level 4:  Props and music can really bring the excitement level up. I use the “Mission Impossible” theme and a toy bomb. But any “genki” music is good. Be creative!

Notes:  Toys that make loud noises etc. may scare small children and should be avoided. Don’t use big or difficult to handle flashcards.


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