I am always looking for a fun way to teach new vocabulary. Next time you are teaching new vocabulary try using “telepathy”. Yes, telepathy!  Here is what you do. After introducing the new vocabulary a few times using flashcards, announce to the class you will use telepathy  to “send” the word to someone. Hold a flashcard  to your forehead (facing you so students can’t see the card) and pretend to “send” the vocabulary using telepathy. Tell the students to raise their hands if they “caught” the word. Choose a student and ask what word they “caught”. If they are correct, act amazed. If incorrect, say ” Sorry. It’s not (insert incorrect word)” and choose another student. Repeat untill someone says the correct word you “sent” by telepathy.You can give a sticker to the person who “caught” the word. Do this a few more times with other flashcards. This activity gets the students to think and repeat the new vocabulary in a fun and slightly strange way. Remember, pretend you are really using telepathy and ham it up!


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