“How are you?” Gesture Junken

Here is a fun game to do after you have done “If You’re Happy” song from Super Simple Songs  One. Have your students stand up. Review four emotions using flashcards and gestures (best limit four emotions for this game). Shuffle the flashcards and explain to your students that you will “randomly” choose one or the emotion flashcards (don’t show them the flash card yet). Ask the students “How are you?”. The students must choose one emotion and using gestures and answer “I’m happy”,  “I’m sad”,  etc.  Now dramatically reveal the flash card you previously chosen. The students that chose the same emotion as your flash card,  are out and must sit down.  Shuffle the flashcards again and repeat until only a few students remain. Give these students a sticker or just applause is fine. You can repeat this game several times with the same or different emotion flashcards. Remember, you shuffle ALL the flashcards each time so it is possible that the same emotion comes up twice or more. This makes this game exciting!


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