Energy Crisis!

Recently the amount of classes I teach a day has increased. Which leads me to think more about energy management. Not just classroom energy, but personal energy. Here are some questions to ask yourself if you’re having an energy crisis. So go get yourself a cup of coffee now and think about these questions. How do you feel at the end of your lesson? Are you exhausted or are you sleepy? How about your students? Are you conducting your lessons like a rabbit on double espressos or are you a sloth on cough medicine? Do you have a good healthy breakfast everyday? Do you get enough sleep? Do you exercise? Whats the flow of your lessons like? Is there a mix of high energy songs and activities and calm activities? Are YOU talking too much? Do you pause enough to let things sink in? Do you have an activity or song ready to quiet your students or bring the energy level up?
If you don’t have a problem with energy management, congratulations. Just ignore these questions and have a good lesson you young whippersnapper.


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