Apples and Worms Game

This is an exciting game you can play with any target language. You will need 25 cards (3 worm or caterpillar card, 2 plus cards, 2 minus cards and 18 apples). You will also need a large foam die and some magnets. Divide the students into three teams. Shuffle the cards and place them face backwards in a grid formation on the blackboard using magnets. Play some energetic music while the students pass the die. When the music stops, the student holding the die must answer a flash card, question etc. The student then chooses a card. If the chosen card is an apple then draw and apple on the blackboard under the teams name. If the card is an apple, the student may choose up to three cards or stop. The other cards only once. If the card is a plus, then the student rolls the die and gets that number of apples on the die . If the card is a minus, the student rolls and they lose that number of apple. If the card is a caterpillar then the team loses ALL the apples. A very hungry caterpillar!  The team with the most apples (points) after all the cards are revealed is the winner! Just a note of caution. The caterpillar card may be too scary for younger or sensitive children, so use your own discretion and have fun!



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