Trick or Treat

Halloween is a great time to do a super fun lesson. Here is a super simple game using the wonderful Halloween materials and songs that my friends at Super Simple learning have produced. Divide the class into two groups. Each group form circles. Draw two large “trick or treat” bags on the board, one for each team. Place six Halloween flashcards(witch, ghost,etc.) facing out on the board. Explain to your students that we are going to go trick or treating and introduce six “treat” flashcards. One of the flashcards is the “candy” card. Shuffle these cards and hide them behind the Halloween cards. Here is how to play. Give each team a ball of small Halloween toy. Play some energetic Halloween music while the students pass the ball around the circle. When the music stops, the students holding the ball come to the front of the class and “Rock, Scissors, Paper”. The winning player chooses a flash card first. The other player chooses next. If a player finds the “candy”, draw it in the “trick or treat” bag and reset the game. You can also draw the other “treats” in the bag as well. For 10-15 minutes of game play, the team that finds the candy card (three times) is the winner.


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