Bruce Lee – “Fist of Flashcards” game

In my every ending quest for interesting ways to use flashcards to review or introduce vocabulary, I stumbled upon a fun and a bit strange way to review flashcards. First, make sure your students have already learned the vocabulary on the flashcards (fruit ,animals, etc). Then ask the students if they know Bruce Lee. Do your best Bruce Lee imitation so they understand. Take all you flashcards you need to review in your hand, back facing the students. One at a time, in a quick karate like fashion, flash the front of the one flash card to the students. If a student guesses the card, move on to the next card untill all the cards have been guessed. I use the theme song from the Bruce lee movie “Enter the Dragon” while I am doing the karate moves to make this game more exciting! Use your discretion and make it fun, as this game may frighten sensitive or younger children. Be water my friend – Bruce Lee Comments


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