Rock and Walk

I have been wanting to introduce musical instruments in the classroom for a long time. Finally the other day, I bought myself some instruments and gave it a try. The students sat down and I introduced each instrument. Tamborine, cymbals, etc. Each student had a chance to tap, shake, touch each instrument. Then I gave out one instrument to each student. All students formed a circle and I played Super Simple Songs “walking walking”. The band rocked out while walking, jumping running and swimming. The kids loved it. In the future I will be doing more with instruments. I recommend “101 Rhythm Instruments Activities for Young Children” by Abigail Flesch Conners. It has a lot of great ideas and tips for using instruments in the classroom.


3 Responses

  1. Hi Bob
    Super Simple Songs 7 steps is another fantastic song to play with students with instruments. I usually have the children follow the leader and tap, drum, ring the numbers out while walking/snaking around the room. The children really enjoy making some noise while also learning numbers.

  2. “Seven steps” is in my plans for this week’s toddler class. Thanks.

  3. I love using storybooks in the classroom and a new one just came out with musical instruments. Animal Music by Julia Donaldson and Nick Sharrat. The perfect combination for kids of animals and musical instruments all in a rhyming text with lovely colourful pictures. check it out it’s awesome!!

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