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Magic Wands

Magicians, like myself, use magic wands all the time. But recently, I have been looking for ideas on how to use them in the classroom more. Magic wands can be used with picture books. I use the Longman’s Young Picture Dictionary with my toddlers. I give each toddler and mommy a “magic wand” or “fairy wand”. The toddlers “touch” the pictures as we practice the words. “touch apple” ” touch cookies”. You can use magic wands to touch anything: “touch your knee”, “mommy’s hand”, etc. Another way in which I have used magic wands in the past is to give one magic wand to a student. That student has the magic power the command the other students. ” walk” “swim” stop” “go”. Use the magic wand with a music activity. Put the music on and the student has the power to “freeze” the others and the music. Even the teacher can use a magic wand “Sit Down” for Story time or “clean up”. Tanja from Super Simple Learning has posted a great activity on her blog. http://ewspider.wordpress.com/2012/03/22/collecting-butterflies/


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  1. Hello Bob. I always use wands in the classroom. Usually I have the target vocabulary picture cards on the blackboard and have two students in front of the blackboard each holding a wand. A third student is the speaker / caller. The first to soft touch the called picture card wins. The students really like this KOKUBAN KARUTA (as I call it). The only magic that I can do is to make the picture cards actually disappear; this has more to do with misplacing the cards as to actually doing magic.

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