Mission Impossible 2!

letter and clipMany people ask me “Where do I get my ideas for games?“. Well, actually, no one has ever asked me this question. But IF they did, I would answer, “From the strangest places”

I was watching my four year old son playing outside with a big plastic clothes pin, picking up toys. I thought “Eureka! “this would make a great game!

You will need:

  1. A set of plastic Alphabet letters.
  2. Big plastic clothes pins or clips. Enough for all the students.
  3. A Kitchen timer.
  4. Matching flashcards for each letter. Ex. “A – Apple “Flashcard.

Before the lesson, put the letters in a hat or colorful box and place the flashcards around the room.

Now your ready!

Take out the letters one by one and have the students identify each letter. Hand a letter to a student have them place the letter on a matching flashcard around the room. My school has an Alphabet carpet, so I have them place the plastic letters on the matching letter on the carpet. After all the plastic letters have been matched, give each student a clip. Demonstrate to the students how to pick up a plastic letter with one hand using a clip. Announce “It’s challenge time!” Set the time for about 45 seconds. Give more time for younger students. The students must pick up all the the letters before the time runs out.

Ready, Set, Go! Play some peppy music or the theme from “Mission Impossible” and watch the fun as the kids run around the room picking up the letters and putting them back into the box before the time runs out. They will ask to do it again!

This is a great game to bring your students together as a team. For younger or sensitive children, just have them pick up the letter without the timer.


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