I love a relay!

relayRelays are really fun and get the kids’ energy levels up. This is a super simple relay that kids love. Divide the students into teams. Determine a starting line. I put some tape on the floor and have the students line up in teams. Each team will have their own set of small flashcards to find in the relay. These cards are scattered around the back of the room opposite the starting point. The teacher stands at the back of the room with a matching set of large flashcards. Put on some energetic music and it’s relay time!

The teacher shows or says a flash card. Ex. A-Apple. The students race to be the first to find the matching card and bring it back to their team. The fastest team gets a point. Play continues until all the cards are found. For a bigger challenge, have the students use a spatula, spoon or small net to bring the flashcards back to their team. For younger children, have them pick up the cards with their hands and don’t award points. Just have fun.


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