Roll and Say

I’ve been meaning to share this simple way to drill reading of six flashcards in a fun way for a long time. It’s a staple in my classroom for older students. First drill six flashcards with words on the reverse side in any way you like. Then put the cards on the table or floor picture side up. Explain that each card has a number 1 – 6. Have students roll a die and say the flashcard with that “number”. For example, the student rolls a six and the sixth card is “APPLE” then the student says the flashcard and turns the card over to the word side. The play continues until all the flashcards are turned over to the word side. If the same number six is rolled again the student must read the flashcard but not turn it over. This gets the students to read the cards until all the cards can be turned over. If the game takes to long, set a timer. Also you can have a “challenge round”. Set a timer for one minute and see if they can finish the game (turn over all the cards) in one minute. A lot of fun without the traditional boring drilling.


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  1. Very useful technique Robert…thank you!

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