Chimney Climb

Here is a fun Christmas game for large groups. Prepare two or three “Santa” Flashcards with magnets on the back. Next you will need a large foam die or a special “Christmas die”. This die can be made from and old milk carton covered with white paper or painted white. Draw “one” Christmas tree”, “two” Candy Canes, and “three” Christmas balls, twice on the die. Divide the class into two or three teams. Have the students pass around the die while listening to some peppy Christmas music. When the music stops, the person holding it rolls the die. Santa moves up the Chimney according to the number on the die. The first Santa to reach the top wins!


Christmas Jokes

Here are a couple of my favorite Christmas Jokes. They are simple enough for older kids to understand. “What is a monkey’s favorite Christmas song?” Answer: “Jungle bells” (sing the answer for a bigger laugh). The next joke is good for the parents of young kids. “What is a mother’s (or father’s) favorite Christmas song?” Answer: “Silent night”. Being a father of a one year old, this is my favorite Christmas song!