What makes kids laugh?

What do I enjoy most about teaching kids? Making them laugh. I learned a lot about making kids laugh from doing magic and from other magicians. Here is a link to a article for magicians, but you can apply it to teaching kids as well. Some of the points he makes are:

  1. Treating and object like something else
  2. Calling an object by a different name.
  3. Name play
  4. Make up sentences.
  5. Thing that don’t belong together.
  6. Physical comedy.



Christmas Jokes

Here are a couple of my favorite Christmas Jokes. They are simple enough for older kids to understand. “What is a monkey’s favorite Christmas song?” Answer: “Jungle bells” (sing the answer for a bigger laugh). The next joke is good for the parents of young kids. “What is a mother’s (or father’s) favorite Christmas song?” Answer: “Silent night”. Being a father of a one year old, this is my favorite Christmas song!