Trick or Treat

Halloween is a great time to do a super fun lesson. Here is a super simple game using the wonderful Halloween materials and songs that my friends at Super Simple learning have produced. Divide the class into two groups. Each group form circles. Draw two large “trick or treat” bags on the board, one for each team. Place six Halloween flashcards(witch, ghost,etc.) facing out on the board. Explain to your students that we are going to go trick or treating and introduce six “treat” flashcards. One of the flashcards is the “candy” card. Shuffle these cards and hide them behind the Halloween cards. Here is how to play. Give each team a ball of small Halloween toy. Play some energetic Halloween music while the students pass the ball around the circle. When the music stops, the students holding the ball come to the front of the class and “Rock, Scissors, Paper”. The winning player chooses a flash card first. The other player chooses next. If a player finds the “candy”, draw it in the “trick or treat” bag and reset the game. You can also draw the other “treats” in the bag as well. For 10-15 minutes of game play, the team that finds the candy card (three times) is the winner.


Phonics Shuffle Game

This game can be played using any six cards or music, but this game is great using the wonderful “Super Simple ABC’s” flash cards. The game is Super Simple too! Teach the gestures and phonics of the cards used before the game. If your teaching a large class, ask for six students to come up to the front of the class. Give each student a flash card facing towards the other students for all to see. Review each flash card again. Have the six students turn the cards around face backwards. Play some energetic music. Have the students not holding cards clap to the beat of the music. This is a good way to get everyone involved. The six students holding cards “shuffle” the cards by exchanging them with each other. When the music stops, the students holding cards (still facing backwards) stop exchanging cards. Ask the other students, for example, “wheres a-a-a apple?” If a students knows, they raise their hand and choose the person holding the card. The students holding the cards can answer “yes” or “no”. For the last card, ask the students “what’s this?” For small classes, line up the cards on the board and the teacher can “shuffle” the cards. Play once or twice.

Apples and Worms Game

This is an exciting game you can play with any target language. You will need 25 cards (3 worm or caterpillar card, 2 plus cards, 2 minus cards and 18 apples). You will also need a large foam die and some magnets. Divide the students into three teams. Shuffle the cards and place them face backwards in a grid formation on the blackboard using magnets. Play some energetic music while the students pass the die. When the music stops, the student holding the die must answer a flash card, question etc. The student then chooses a card. If the chosen card is an apple then draw and apple on the blackboard under the teams name. If the card is an apple, the student may choose up to three cards or stop. The other cards only once. If the card is a plus, then the student rolls the die and gets that number of apples on the die . If the card is a minus, the student rolls and they lose that number of apple. If the card is a caterpillar then the team loses ALL the apples. A very hungry caterpillar!  The team with the most apples (points) after all the cards are revealed is the winner! Just a note of caution. The caterpillar card may be too scary for younger or sensitive children, so use your own discretion and have fun!


Chimney Climb

Here is a fun Christmas game for large groups. Prepare two or three “Santa” Flashcards with magnets on the back. Next you will need a large foam die or a special “Christmas die”. This die can be made from and old milk carton covered with white paper or painted white. Draw “one” Christmas tree”, “two” Candy Canes, and “three” Christmas balls, twice on the die. Divide the class into two or three teams. Have the students pass around the die while listening to some peppy Christmas music. When the music stops, the person holding it rolls the die. Santa moves up the Chimney according to the number on the die. The first Santa to reach the top wins!