Five tips with a KISS!

For those of you who are visiting Bob’s Frog through my freinds at Super Simple Learning. I welcome you with a KISS. By that I mean Keep It Super Simple! Which is Number ONE on my five tips for using games and teaching in the classroom.

  1. KISS- Keep It Super Simple!
  2. Demonstrate rather than explain.
  3. Underplay competition. Emphasize Fun!
  4. All classes are different. “Workshop” a game before giving up.
  5. Leave them wanting more! Keep games around 5 -10 minutes for younger students.

Long Time No See

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Classroom English for Students

I made a list of “Classroom English” for my students. I’m sure there are plenty more useful expressions to add to the list, but for now, this is it. Feel free to use it in your classroom.Image

Magic Wands

Magicians, like myself, use magic wands all the time. But recently, I have been looking for ideas on how to use them in the classroom more. Magic wands can be used with picture books. I use the Longman’s Young Picture Dictionary with my toddlers. I give each toddler and mommy a “magic wand” or “fairy wand”. The toddlers “touch” the pictures as we practice the words. “touch apple” ” touch cookies”. You can use magic wands to touch anything: “touch your knee”, “mommy’s hand”, etc. Another way in which I have used magic wands in the past is to give one magic wand to a student. That student has the magic power the command the other students. ” walk” “swim” stop” “go”. Use the magic wand with a music activity. Put the music on and the student has the power to “freeze” the others and the music. Even the teacher can use a magic wand “Sit Down” for Story time or “clean up”. Tanja from Super Simple Learning has posted a great activity on her blog.

Rock and Walk

I have been wanting to introduce musical instruments in the classroom for a long time. Finally the other day, I bought myself some instruments and gave it a try. The students sat down and I introduced each instrument. Tamborine, cymbals, etc. Each student had a chance to tap, shake, touch each instrument. Then I gave out one instrument to each student. All students formed a circle and I played Super Simple Songs “walking walking”. The band rocked out while walking, jumping running and swimming. The kids loved it. In the future I will be doing more with instruments. I recommend “101 Rhythm Instruments Activities for Young Children” by Abigail Flesch Conners. It has a lot of great ideas and tips for using instruments in the classroom.

Tower of Power

Stackable Tower from Ikea

Relay games are a lot of fun. Especially, when your students need to use up some energy. I call this game, “Tower of Power” Two teams have a stack of flashcards face down. At the opposite end of the classroom is a matching set face up. For example, An “Apple” card and an “A” card. Each team has a stackable tower or a set of blocks. The teams have to turn over a face down card and say the word. Then race to the other side of the classroom and bring back the matching card. Having done so, they can build one level of the tower. Game continues untill one team has built their tower. Play the game a couple of times.

Bruce Lee – “Fist of Flashcards” game

In my every ending quest for interesting ways to use flashcards to review or introduce vocabulary, I stumbled upon a fun and a bit strange way to review flashcards. First, make sure your students have already learned the vocabulary on the flashcards (fruit ,animals, etc). Then ask the students if they know Bruce Lee. Do your best Bruce Lee imitation so they understand. Take all you flashcards you need to review in your hand, back facing the students. One at a time, in a quick karate like fashion, flash the front of the one flash card to the students. If a student guesses the card, move on to the next card untill all the cards have been guessed. I use the theme song from the Bruce lee movie “Enter the Dragon” while I am doing the karate moves to make this game more exciting! Use your discretion and make it fun, as this game may frighten sensitive or younger children. Be water my friend – Bruce Lee Comments